How To Generate More Blog Leads

People often start blogging with the intention of making money, but they stop short of realising how easy it is to generate blog leads by mentioning things in blog posts themselves, or sometimes by tweaking the design of a blog to add buttons and forms. Using your blog to identify and entice people who are interested in what you have to offer is simple, especially if you keep the suggestions below in mind.

Consider Offering Free “Teaser? Content

It can be especially difficult to encourage someone to buy a product or service if they don’t know what to expect beforehand. If you offer items like e-books or downloadable PDF manuals, try writing a blog that uses the same methods to deliver information as your paid products. That’ll get readers used to your language and preferred ways of dispensing knowledge, and hopefully make them interested in buying what you’re selling.

If you don’t have time to write a full post that teases a paid product, alternatively copy and paste content from it directly into your blog posts, or use screenshots to demonstrate layout. Amazon does this effectively by letting interested persons take a peek inside of Kindle e-books before committing to a purchase.

Grab Attention Without Annoying Readers

Some people attempt to get leads by using giant advertisements that fill up an entire screen and are hard to close. Although those ensure your message is seen, they may not be the best ways to get readers in the right mindset and take the kind of action you desire.

Try using something like a script near the top of your blog that offers a small but visible banner that concisely describes what you offer, and gives readers a chance to react. A slim banner in one solid colour with a font in a contrasting hue, along with a “Learn More? button can be just the thing to spark a reader’s curiosity in a way that pays off for you.

Place Opt-In Forms in Highly Trafficked Areas

Opt-in forms are great because they give your blog’s readers full control over learning more about whatever you’re attempting to sell. Your “About? and “Contact Me? pages are two smart areas to put opt-in boxes, and don’t forget to also place them at the end of each post.

By trying these techniques, you could discover it’s simple to turn blogging into a lead generation tool. Ideally, you’ll get to the point where efforts to monetise are so seamless that readers are compelled to respond, but never feel like they were forced to do so.

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